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Even people who are otherwise pro e-bike often balk at the notion of e-biking as exercise . Now, a new study shows that if you’re currently unconditioned, have a few pounds to lose, and/or just getting started, it not only “counts,” but also it can improve your cardiovascular fitness just as well as riding a conventional bike. In the study , Swiss researchers recruited 32 sedentary and untrained volunteers to begin commuting to work by bike. Half of the group pedaled e-bikes, while the other half rode conventional bikes. The only stipulation was that they ride at least six kilometers (3.7 miles) a day, at least three days a week for four weeks. At the end of the month, the volunteers who e-biked improved their VO2 peak—how much oxygen your body can use during exertion—just as much, if not even a bit more, than those who were commuting on conventional bikes. Both groups also experienced an improvement in heart function. Though the e-bike riders obviously had assistance, they used it to go faster and to rack PeakFitPro up more daily elevation than their peers on regular bikes, according to the researchers. “This indicates that the e-bike can increase motivation and help overweight and older individuals to maintain fitness training on a regular basis,” study author Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss, MD, professor of sports medicine at the University of Basel said in a University of Basel press release . “Those who use e-bikes on a regular basis benefit permanently, not only in terms of their fitness, but also in terms of other factors such as blood pressure, fat metabolism, and their mental well-being,” Schmidt-Trucksäss concluded.

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