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Christine Cohen is the Democratic candidate for the seat. "I'd like to take this opportunity to inform you, that after much reflection, I have decided to suspend my campaign for state senate. This was a difficult decision to make, especially because of all the incredible support I received from hundreds of you in the 12th district. I am deeply humbled and grateful. "Many have asked me why I am suspending my campaign and I believe it is important that I share my thoughts and reasons with all of you. Going into the convention on May 14th, I was excited to have exceeded our campaign financial goal as well as the signature requirements needed for the state election funding...thanks to all of you. "Further, I received solid commitments of support from many town delegates, enough to warrant a primary runoff. However, to my shock, last minute phone calls and pressure from party leadership in Hartford persuaded many of my committed delegates to change their vote, leaving me just 1 vote shy from qualifying for a primary runoff. This now meant that in order to stay Isometric Exercises in this race, I needed to capture an additional 792 signatures from district registered Republicans. "Initially undaunted, we began to mobilize. Unfortunately, however, over the past few days, I received word that not only would a primary runoff be unwanted and unsupported by the Republican Party, I also began hearing rumors about potential negative campaigning that would affect my family and loved ones.

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